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About me

With over a decade of experience in ​sales, marketing, and business ​development.

My journey began in a small Estonian ​town, led me through university in ​Tallinn, and expanded to the US and ​Canada, where I acquired my ​foundational business skills through ​direct sales - door-to-door.

This transformative experience ​cultivated a deep understanding of ​sales and the ability to empathize with ​people, fostering a genuine passion for ​creating connections.

Work Desk with Notebook and Gadgets

As a dedicated learner, I've collaborated ​with businesses across three countries, ​consistently delivering outstanding ​results.

I firmly believe that adaptability is the ​hallmark of a top-notch business ​development professional, transcending ​geographical and industry boundaries.

Additionally, meticulous planning and ​execution are paramount, ensuring that ​strategic plans are not only conceived ​but meticulously implemented to fulfill ​organizational goals.


Service Solution

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1-1 Personalized Coaching

Why 1-1? Master your potential with tailored coaching, making aspirations a tangible reality.


Team Coaching

Foster a winning mentality within your team with ​high-performance coaching.

Work Desk with Notebook and Gadgets
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Sales Strategy ​Coaching

Maximize your market impact with our ​sales strategy coaching, fine-tuning your ​approach for optimal results.

Mindset Coaching

Develop strategies for maintaining a positive ​and resilient mindset in challenging ​situations.


Rico Andreas Vene

(Amazon Sales)

“Oliver expanded my awareness of how to reach my goals faster in life and the ability to live a happier life. One of the biggest skills I've learned is seeing patterns and putting them together, as the subconscious mind plays a huge role in our lives. “

Käthlin Kondike

(HR Professional)

“Oliver has a very broad perspective, has read a lot, and participated in training sessions, making it possible to learn a great deal from him. As a coach, Oliver is gently guiding, listens, takes individuals into account, and knows how to steer them on the right path and help in their development.”

Sander Laurson

(coWork Paide)

“Oliver helped my business to grow tremendously, 1-1 coaching has been big time game changer for me, we also started team coaching to create stronger team environment.”

Work Desk with Notebook and Gadgets

"Turning dreams into plans, plans into ​reality, invest in yourself, invest in your ​future."

Oliver Tarkus, CEO

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